Tyler, The Creator plays T In The Park 2011 on crutches

OFWGKTA at T In The Park 2011 by Robert Kelly
OFWGKTA at T In The Park 2011 by Robert Kelly

OFWGKTA blast their way into their T In The Park 2011 set with a steely determination that grabs the few hundred that bothered to turn up to watch them by the - as they say - "short and curlies".

The Los Angeles troupe obliterate their dedicated followers with a series of expletives that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

And as the clouds roll in and the rain begins to fall – in a downpour that was expected at the music festival – main man Tyler, the Creator decides to join his pals on stage via some less than stable looking crutches.

‘Yonkers’ and ‘Splatter’ are the clear favourites in a frantic and anger-riddled set.

But OFWGKTA’s “we don’t give a fuck attitude” fails to please anyone but their hardened fans.

Graeme Patrick, 26, from Bo’ness concluded: “I don’t have a clue who they are but they seem to be going for it and don’t care what anybody thinks.”

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