Top Ten Green Tips For Happy Campers

Here's A Greener Festival's 2011 list of top ten tips for green and happy campers. They are simple and quite easy to stick to - and if everyone does just a few of these, festivals would be greener, cleaner and nicer to be at!

1. Use public transport if possible – coach travel is best. If you have to use a car then lift share and get at least four people in your car!
2. Look out for new travel schemes including cycling to festivals.
3. Reduce what you bring, re-use what you can, recycle everything else.
4. Please don’t leave tents and other camping gear behind.
5. Turn off taps!
6. Avoid buying over-packaged goods and individual portion packs.
7. Buy durable products, returnable bottles and containers that can be re-filled.
8. Get a wind up torch – and a wind up radio!
9. Buy fair-trade and organic food, drinks and products at stalls if possible.
10. Please don’t set off Chinese lanterns.

For more on A Greener Festival, head to their website or check out their VF blog here.