Toots and the Maytals – Bestival 2011 review

Toots and the Maytals at Bestival 2011 - review. We want your reviews too!


The rain lashes down mercilessly as a gargantuan following of drowned but die-hard Maytals fans await their messiah. One achingly long sound check and a few Christianity-laced songs from his daughter later, the masses are saturated and patience wears thin.

But lo! The icon finally waltzes on and plunges into a host of classics from their 45-year-long back-catalogue, including ‘Time Tough’,  ‘Pressure Drop’ and ‘Funky Kingston’.

Soon enough, the crowd have all but forgotten about the cruel weather and chant for an encore. The first notes of ’54-46 Was My Number’ draw ear-splitting appreciation.

With a career like Toots’ he can be forgiven for the dodgy satin suit, the dance-moves only your favourite uncle would dare pull off at a wedding, and the self-indulgent guitar instrumentals. Who needs sunshine when you can skank in your wellies to the God of roots reggae?

By Jennie McKean.

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