Tinie Tempah tries to start a NASS 2011 mosh pit

Tinie Tempah at Hop Farm Festival 2011 by Sara Bowrey
Tinie Tempah at Hop Farm Festival 2011 by Sara Bowrey

With a 15-minute DJ intro and a bank of flaming pyres, Tinie Tempah bounced onto the main stage at Relentless Energy NASS 2011 wearing shorts, a vest and a pair of sunglasses.

Amid the deafening roar of fans screaming his name, three young ladies were pulled limp from the throng before he even arrived.

Bathed in an eerie red light and swigging from a bottle of vodka, Tinie wowed the crowd with hit ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ and adopted a Superhero style pose for ‘Wonderman’.

Brand new single ‘Mosh Pit’ is catchy but fundamentally flawed as Tinie not only doesn’t seem to know what a mosh pit actually entails, nor does his music inspire such movement.

The audience proceeded to pogo just like they did for the previous songs.

Smash single ‘Pass Out’ seemed incredibly apt with the number of bodies being dragged out either by friends or security, but for those still standing despite the inebriation, Tinie’s energetic performance reigned supreme.

Tinie and his resident DJ told the hyped up crowd: “We’ve been to a lot of festivals, but this one is THE BEST!” and saluted a man in the centre who was blowing air horns with great gusto at them.

Tinie Tempah left the stage to fans chanting for more.