The Wombats: ‘Tord saw someone wanking to Rihanna’

Indie lad-rockers The Wombats spoke to Virtual Festivals at V Festival Chelmsford 2011.

The Wombats told VF about catching a very special performance from the crowd at Rihanna‘s V Festival 2011 performance.

The scouser lads, famed for hits ‘Kill the Director’ and ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division‘, were playing the second stage at the Essex event.

We haven’t got anything special planned as it were, just three guys no stage just rocking and a rollin.” Said drummer Dan Haggis.

Hopefully get a bit of crowd banter, we just tend to role with the technical problems we face sometimes and make it as punk and raucous as possible.” He added.

They went all to list all of their European festival dates for 2011, before mentioning their ill-fated performance at Pukkelpop 2011 which was cancelled last week; “We were just about to check out Miles Kane play and what can only be described as Zurg’s bladder just opened on us and it can only be described as horrible and things got really frisky, and it turned into a tragic event.”

Bassist Tord Øverland-Knudsen told VF about watching a man making the most of Rihanna’s V Festival performance in Staffordshire the night previous: “It was a bunch of lads and one of their friends they lifted up in the crowd and he was completely naked and he had his cock in his hand and he was playing with it.”

“He was having a wank basically.” Vocalist Matthew Murphy added.

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