The Wombats close Friday’s edition of Lovebox

Impressive lasers replaced the giant inflatable marsupial that used to steal the stage at The Wombat's festival sets, as the band headlined Lovebox Weekender on Friday (15 July).

Crowning the small purple Gaymer’s stage – rather than the main stage, which was out of use Friday – they hinted at a new and ever so slightly more serious direction than the erstwhile easy indie-pop they are known for.

Newer songs ‘Jump Into the Fog’ and ‘1996’ showed a tendency towards more complex arrangements, with affable Liverpudlian lead Matthew Murphy even apologising for “getting a bit epic at the end there” during the encore.

Earlier in the set he’d told the crowd that early single ‘Living On A Prayer’ was “frankly ridiculous, so feel free to shake your asses.”

The band didn’t fail to play the crowd pleasers though, belting out ‘Moving To New York’, ‘Dancing With The Beast’ and closing on ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’.

Dave Underwood, 41, from Suffolk, didn’t have much to say about the Wombats, but stuck a 4 inch nail in his right nostril to impress VF. It worked.

Lovebox Weekender continues tomorrow (16 July) with performances from Snoop Dogg and The Drums.

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