The Streets invite fans to Get Loaded on-stage

The Streets' Mike Skinner is offering the chance for London's best bong builder to get up on-stage with him at the finale of Get Loaded In The Park which takes place on Sunday 26th August in Clapham Common.

The Birmingham born rapper said: “We were hoping someone would be able to make us a fantastic homemade bong and demonstrate it on stage with us at Get Loaded.  So if anyone out there fancies making one, maybe you can come on stage and get high.”

The festival headliner plans to test out the homemade device on-stage after the band perform their song ‘The Irony of it All’ from the first album, which includes the lyrics: “I take pride in my hobby/Home made bongs using my engineering degree.”

So if you’re a “stinking student lameo” (as the song describes) and want to enter the competition you have to email a picture or a photo of your homemade bong along with a description of the contraption to with your name, address and contact number.

The winner will receive a pair of VIP tickets to Get Loaded In The Park as well as having the chance to try out their bong on-stage. 

Dirty Pretty Things, Dizzee Rascal and 2ManyDJs are all scheduled to play over the weekend and tickets are still available for £35 HERE.