The Streets bring curtain down on We, The People 2011

The Streets at Reading & Leeds 2006 by Sara Bowrey
The Streets at Reading & Leeds 2006 by Sara Bowrey

Mike Skinner closed We, The People 2011 on Sunday night, one of his last festival shows as The Streets, with an uplifting and life-affirming show.

Skinner, who thanked the crowd for showing up despite the downpour, mockingly admited that if he was a punter he “would’ve stayed at home his dry bed.”

Backed by a super-tight band, he played an even mix of songs from his five albums.

But it was classic tracks like ‘Weak Become Heroes,’ ‘Don’t Mug Yourself,’ ‘It’s Too Late’ and ‘Blinded By The Lights’ that stole the show.

During the aforementioned ‘Blinded By The Lights,’ Skinner implored everybody to crouch down on their haunches, before urging them to jump back up as the outfit kick back in with the dub-heavy riff.

Thousands of bodies energetically lurched to their feet in what was probably the defining moment of the festival.