The Streets are blinded by the love at Glastonbury

The Streets at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire
The Streets at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire

Opening with 'Outside Inside' as an introduction, Mike Skinner's Streets are 25 minutes late but warms things up with hits from debut 'Original Pirate Material' like 'Don't Mug Yourself' and 'Push Things Forward'.

The crowd lights a flare which get Skinner‘s approval, pointing to the red light and asking people “stay safe”. Helped by The Music‘s front man Robert Harvey, the band came to life playing tunes from their latest album ‘Computers and Blues’.

‘Blinded by the Lights’ is the sing-a-long song of the set as Skinner de-shirts and gets the crowd low, adding a snippet of Katy B.

“Who peaked on Friday?” Skinner asks as he gets everyone on side with ‘Dry Your Eyes’.

Referencing Beyonce‘s headline set Skinner jokes they’ll be sharing a helicopter home.

Crowd surfing through ‘Going Through Hell’ he leaves with no encore but owns the set.