The Outsider festival promises 2009 return

The Outsider festival will not be taking place this year, organisers have confirmed.

The three-day gathering in the Scottish Highlands was launched last year but is having a year off due to a number of factors, ranging from funding to its environmental impact.

The festival was the first to mix live music with a program of outdoor sports like running, cycling, fishing and forraging.

It will return in 2009 to Rothiemurchus, Aviemore on Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 June with a full event programme including:
All New Outsider Mountain Bike Series (20K, 45K & 65K World Class Runs)
Britain's Most Beautiful 12k Run
Full Music Programme
Outdoor Activities in Cairngorms National Park
International Outsider Forum
Cabaret & Comedy

Explaining the decision to rest the festival a statement read:

"The Outsider Festival is no ordinary commercial music festival. We have a genuine commitment to being innovative and fresh and full of life.  The festival fields in the Rothiemurchus Estate sit in an environmentally sensitive landscape.  Since the Outsider Festival programme is very much part of that landscape and we encourage people to go offsite and do things as well as enjoy the music and activities in the arena, we have to be very aware of the impact that we make.  A biennial festival sits much better with these considerations.

"By breaking the festival mould in combing a complete on-site festival programme, with a full off-site outdoor activities programme, we are not operating under strictly commercial rules. The Outsider Festival does rely on much needed funding and support from a wide variety of sources and it has not been possible to secure all the funding required for this year within a suitable timescale. We would like to thank everyone who strived to make Outsider 2008 a reality and for your continued support and commitment for Outsider 2009."