The Libertines feel the squeeze at Leeds

The Libertines performed to a swollen crowd so excited the nonchalant indie rockers had to stop their set to allow fans to take a breath.

The reformed group, once again featuring tabloid poster-boy Pete Doherty, swaggered on stage to play a few numbers before they halted to let the fans regain their composure.

Ever responsible Doherty advised the masses not to trample on each other before strumming back into the set.

As many curious fans left wondering what all the fuss was about as there were devotees clinging to every word uttered by chums Carl and Pete.

A quick combo of 'The Likely Lads' and 'Can't Stand Me Now' was the highlight in a set only remarkable for those who'd been counting down the days to see the troubled mates back in action.

Leeds Festival 2010 continues this evening with sets from Arcade Fire.