The Great Glastonbury Survey Results!

What effect did the mud have on people's enjoyment of the fest? How did it compare to previous years? How many had sex - and with who? Just some of the pressing issues put to bed by our Glasto 2005 survey!

Average ratings, out of 5:

The Line-up: 3.8
Value for Money: 4.5
The Facilities: 3.7
Toilets: 3.1
Organisation: 4.0
Site Layout: 4.2
Atmosphere: 4.5
Sound Quality: 3.8
Food & Drink: 3.9
The Campsites: 3.7
Official Website: 3.8
Overall Rating: 4.2

Average Distance Travelled to the festival: 222.2 miles
Average amount of money spent at the festival: £172.55

Why did you decide to go to this festival?

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How did you get there?

Virtual Festivals

Which of these areas did you visit at the festival?

Which of these alcoholic drinks did you consume at the festival?

Toilet talk! How many times did you poo at the festival?

Did you have sex at the festival?


If ‘yes’, who was it with?

How would you rate it?

How did the mud and storms affect your enjoyment of the festival?

11.9% of people surveyed required medical treatment. But what for?

How many times had you been to this festival before?

How did this year’s festival compare to previous ones?


Will you be back when the festival returns in 2007?

Which of these other festivals would you go to?