The Cribs: ‘UK festivals are the best in the world’

The Cribs singer Ryan Jarman has declared that UK festivals are the best in the world during an interview with Virtual Festivals at Reading Festival.

The guitarist told us that events around the world feel a little more luxurious and that isn’t what festival are about.

“I think the UK does festivals better than any other country,”
he said adding, “they just feel a lot more hardcore. They feel a lot more like going off to war.

"Festivals outside the UK feel a lot more plusher. It’s an important part of a festival – it has to feel like an endurance test for everyone."

Drummer Ross Jarman spoke about the divide between Reading and Leeds saying: “Leeds, being near us, seems like a homecoming one. It’s near Manchester where Johnny [Marr, new guitarist] is from and Wakefield where we’re from. It’s difficult, they’re both a highlight for me on the festival circuit.”

The group also said that they planned to play keyboards during their impending Reading Festival show but it didn’t work out. Ryan said: “We were going to do some stuff like that today but we were kind of waiting on gear that didn’t arrive in time.”

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