The Cribs goad Guns N’ Roses at Reading

The Cribs goaded Guns N' Roses during an early evening set to Reading Festival 2010.

The band aired a number of tracks from their latest offering ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ but the biggest cheers were saved for ‘Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs, Whatever’ singles.

“I heard Guns N’ Roses went off early,”
said singer Ryan Jarman to a chorus of boos, “well yeah, this is for you,” he added before performing some fret board wankery on his own.

A trio of ‘Our Bovine Public;, ‘I’m A Realist’ and ‘Man’s Needs’ really got the crowd moving on the main stage, warming them nicely for Dizzee Rascal.

It wasn’t a classic, but the group were well followed anyway with some there to just new band member Johnny Marr.

“I loved The Smiths, I didn’t really like [The Cribs] thought,”
Virtual Festivals reader Samantha told us.