The ‘Burn added to IoW & Glastonbury lineups

With a sound headily reminiscent of festival favourites The Levellers, The 'Burn are a band it's probably worth checking out.

[l-zone1]When you hear ‘Calling All’ from the Sally O’Mattress album then you’ll instantly find your ears conjouring up images of our old festival favourites The Levellers. Interesting then that a certain music paper gave them a great review a while back…after all, following that incident with Jeremy Leveller’s earthy and aromatic riposte to a poor write-up you’d think that the publication in question would be switched off this sort of guitarsy folk-rock forever!

Band/journo wars aside, The ‘Burn are a band that fit perfectly into the festival scene – so check them out if you haven’t had the pleasure yet.

They play the Isle of Wight on 14th June and they’ll grace the Other Stage at Glastonbury on 28th June.