The Bullitts debut at The Big Chill 2011

Scenes at The Big Chill 2010 by Jamie Boynton
Scenes at The Big Chill 2010 by Jamie Boynton

The Bullitts, a "5-D" project created by UK producer Jeymes Samuel, debuted at The Big Chill 2011 on Saturday.

The creation, which is an online story featuring actress Lucy Lui as Amelia Sparks, a murderer on the run, was manifested in it’s musical form with Lui and Jay Electronica performing live.

Lui opened by reciting a monologue in character, explaining parts of the story as Sparks, the group then aired a host of new tracks including ‘Landspeeder’ and ‘Close Your Eyes’, which had previously appeared online.

Actor Idris Elba, famous for roles in Luther and The Wire, also joined the troupe onstage for a number of songs.

Though a rain shower had those previously lounging in the grass heading for cover, the group still kept a strong hoard of Chillers interacting with banter and raising their hands in the air.

As for their sound, The Bullitts mix hip-hop and folktronica with a little reggae thrown in too.

Lui continued to read out parts in character as the show progressed, evolving the story.

It’s an interesting concept with the music holding as much merit as the project itself. There may even be a number of possible hits in the making too.

The final, Asian-tinted track had the crowd swaying their arms from side to side as the group left the audience singing ‘Run and Hide’, in honour of Amy Winehouse.

Head to The Bullitts website for more.