T In The Park movie to premiere in Glasgow

Crowds at T In The Park 2007 by Stephen Franklyn
Crowds at T In The Park 2007 by Stephen Franklyn

The movie, 'You Instead', which was shot at last year's T In The Park, is set to be premiered at Glasgow Film Festival on Friday 25 February.

The romantic comedy was shot in just five days and it tells the story of fictional indie star Adam from The Make.

Arriving at T in the Park for his gig, Adam is handcuffed to punky girl-band leader Morello from The Dirty Pinks.

Initial frustration gives way to grudging acceptance and then the stirring of genuine feelings over the next 24 hours of the festival.

“We are so proud that David Mackenzie and Sigma Films have chosen to give ‘You Instead’ a big home town world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival,”
says GFF Co-Director Allison Gardner. “The Festival’s aim has always been to bring the best of international cinema to a Glasgow audience but also to bring the very best of Scottish cinema to the eyes of the world.

“‘You Instead’ is the perfect choice and the world premiere on a massive screen at Cineworld will be one of the truly memorable highlights of the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival.”

Geoff Ellis, T in the Park Festival Director, added: “We’re delighted to be a part of such a fantastic Scottish project. To shoot a film on location and in such a tight timescale at T in the Park is quite a feat and I’m sure the legendary festival atmosphere will shine through.”