Sunday Times readers click here!

An article in the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ supplement today listed Virtual Festivals as the number one online destination for all your festival needs, for which we are obviously very grateful.

However, we were a little bewildered at the writer (Mike Pattenden)’s claim that buying tickets for the Reading festival was “impossible”. In actual fact, it couldn’t be any easier to buy tickets for Reading, and any other festival, on Virtual Festivals.

How to buy Reading Tickets:

In the ‘Ticket Store’…

1) Hover your mouse cursor on either ‘Festivals’ or ‘Store’ in the main navigation bar and select ‘Tickets’.
2) Click on ‘Reading Festival 2002’ and voila. Now you need to submit your credit card details, but that’s a different book.

Alternatively, In the Reading 2002 Section…

1) On the left hand navigation menu, click on the ‘Festivals’ button to show upcoming events. In the search box, type ‘Reading’ and click on ‘Go’.
2) When ‘Reading Festival 2002’ appears on the next page, click on that to access the Reading section.
3) Near the bottom of the page is the ticket price and booking information for this event. Click on ‘Click here for tickets’ to do just that!

We challenge anyone to find that difficult, let alone ‘impossible’!