Sub Focus close Friday night at Relentless NASS

Sub Focus storm the Friday (8 July) night Relentless NASS main stage, flanked by flaming pyres, encircled by what looked suspiciously like a rainbow Stargate.

Half naked girls were literally throwing themselves over the barrier to get closer and the crowd was shoulder to sweaty shoulder as the bass kicked in.

Though the tent was by no means at full capacity, the atmosphere was electric; there was a heady mix of heavy beats and some of the best drunken bigfish-littlefish you can expect to find.

With the well known remix of Deadmau5‘s ‘Ghosts n Stuff’ taking off to a guttural roar from the crowd and the 2009 dance hit from the self titled album, ‘Could This Be Real/Triple X’ taking the softer side with lead female vocals, it was a pretty diverse show despite being extremely rave-worthy.

A young girl in the crowd who’d bitten through her tongue whilst dancing said “Ith amathing ithn’t it” and bounced back in for another go.

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