Spotlight: A Greener Festival Award

Every day for the next few weeks we'll be profiling a category from the UK Festival Awards, taking you through some of the nominations and generally explaining what each particular award is all about.

The following festivals have been awarded the Red Kite mark, which is a stamp of approval from on the basis of questionnaire and, where possible, an environmental assessment.

They had to demonstrate that they have coherent green policies promoting environmental efficiency and sustainability, including issues such as CO2 emissions, waste management and recycling.

But who do you think has the greenest fingers? Here are the nominees:

Big Green Gathering
Big Session Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Summer Sundae Weekender
Sunrise Celebration
T In The Park
The Big Chill
Waveform Project

T In The Park is a strong contender after the festival went carbon neutral this year.  It also recycled 75% of its cardboard cups and 40% of its total waste. But it will have stiff competition from The Big Chill who introduced a car parking charge to subsidise coach travel to reduce carbon emissions, as well as initiating a Leave No Trace policy.

Glastonbury is another big-gun going for glory after the event introduced a scheme for recycling tents, as well as separate bins around site to recycle cups, plates and cans. Organisers also made sure traders only use biodegradable cutlery.

The inaugural Waveform Project could bag itself an award after the festival was run by 100% renewable energy, it started schemes to become carbon neutral, it had compost toilets and recycling points around the site.

The Big Green Gathering used sustainable sources to power all of its venues as well as showcasing and holding talks about the importance and benefits of environmental awareness. Sunrise Celebration was also run completely by renewable energy and is taking steps towards carbon neutrality. It’s recycling and organic food policies as well as its alternative transport schemes make it a strong contender.

Latitude’s green efforts this summer could see them take the award. The Suffolk soiree used a three bin waste system that differentiated recyclables and compostables from other waste; it had stringent protocols on market traders’ packaging as well as using Ecover to supply the shower products.

Big Session Festival could be in for a shout after their successful recycling schemes and a host of green initiatives, but Glade could also take the honours with their Green Bus programme. 

Or will Summer Sundae Weekender get your vote after their excellent recycling efforts? Revellers were given recycling bin bags for their campsite rubbish, beakers for their cigarette butts and for every 1,000 cans recycled a tree was planted.

Who do you think did the most for the environment this season? Vote HERE.