Space man returns for Liverpool Music Week

Former Space singer Tommy Scott unveiled his new band for their first appearance at Liverpool Music Week last night (Monday).

It was the first festival show for new four-piece The Drellas but a moment Scott had been waiting for some time.

He told VF: "Don't get me wrong I loved Space but it was very reliant on samples. This is just a real rock'n'roll thing. I love it much more than the old band."

The four-piece harness a much rawer, unshackled sound compared to Scott's former Britpop brigade, but the melody remains intact, something he isn't too keen on.

He said: "That's something I'm trying to kill! But I can't get away from Space, that's just the way I write."

The Drellas pulled one the the biggest crowds to Monday's Liverpool Music Week gig, which showcased some of the best acts from across the city.

Other draws included Zombina and the Skeletons, who dressed in suitably creepy atire, Seven Seals and Furious. Keep posted for our coverage from the festival all this week.