Sound Of Guns at Reading: ‘we’re a festival band’

In an interview with Virtual Festivals, up and coming stars Sound of Guns explained that they are a 'festival band'.

Talking to the group at Reading Festival 2010, the quintet revealed why they are built to play at those types of events.

They told us: "We’re designed to play in front of that many people because we need everybody singing it back at us, that’s when we excel," which is what happened as they played to a packed Festival Republic tent this weekend.

The audience even helped singer Andy Metcalfe remember the lyrics. He said: “they know the words because I don’t.”

The band went on to call their performance: "Amazing man, really good. The crowd [at Reading Festival] were absolutely amazing," adding that there is the "finest balance between Leeds and Reading festivals," and also claiming that the, "north/south divide doesn’t exist," and that both crowds were equally good.

Sound Of Guns also told us that they are one of the loudest bands in Liverpool. "We get banned from most venues," the group admitted.

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