Snoop Dogg closes Lovebox with a bang

Snoop Dogg at Lovebox Weekender 2011 by Peter Corkhill
Snoop Dogg at Lovebox Weekender 2011 by Peter Corkhill

The US rapper brings out string of special guests for nostalgic retelling of his acclaimed hit nineties album.

Snoop Dogg performed ‘Regulate‘ with Warren G in a closing stageshow Saturday that went way beyond the ‘Doggystyle‘ album set that was advertised.

The duet, which was one of many, drew the biggest cheer from an ecstatic crowd. Other guests included The Lady of Rage, RBX, Joe Cool and a man in a big hairy dog suit, who all helped Snoop run through the iconic 1993 debut record and much more besides.

As well as classics like ‘What’s my Name‘ and ‘Hustler‘, the rapper shared his more recent stuff like ‘PIMP‘ and ‘I Wanna Fuck You‘ and threw in a couple of covers,including House of Pain‘s ‘Jump Around‘.

The Doggystyle star also performed a new song which hinted at a dancier direction and resulted in a mass rave.

I wanna say thank you to all those people that fought to get me back in the UK,” he said, referring to the misshap a few years ago when he was refused entry into England on account of his criminal record.

In a more somber moment, however, Snoop held a minute of silence for the recently deceased Nate Dogg.

He closed the set with some audience participation and a performance of ‘Drop it Like It’s Hot‘ introduced by Pharell Williams on video. 

Jess, 18, from Stafford, said, “The set list was really good and he had a great connection with the audience, he really got everyone going!