Slash goes up against the football at Glastonbury

"Hello Glastonbury! Are you ready to rock and fucking roll?!" Only Guns 'n' Roses legend Slash can demand such a massive metal welcome.

Seriously, Guns 'n' fuggin Roses baby! Never mind the strutting ego of Axl RoseSlash IS Guns n’ Roses, down to the bleeding fingers of his guitar hand.

So much that in a recent viral video he's knocked over by an over-enthusiastic fan while playing the solo to ‘Sweet Child O' Mine’, but immediately picks himself up, hardly missing one seminal note.

It's a tough gig going up against the England-Germany game being shown at the Bushy field and you can feel the emptiness in the Pyramid field – space is usually a premium here. But there are enough Guns nuts on show to make the gifts of ‘Sweet Child O' Mine’ and ‘Paradise City that extra but Glastonbury special.

True, his solo material – although quite rough and juicy roll in its own right – doesn't come near the classic Slash of 20 years ago. But you don't go and see Macca for ‘Mull of Kintyre’ do you?