Sky Arts to film summer festivals in 3-D

Scenes at Isle Of Wight Festival 2009 by Tom Oldham
Scenes at Isle Of Wight Festival 2009 by Tom Oldham

Isle Of Wight Festival 2011 and Bestival 2011 will be the first UK festivals to be filmed in 3-D, say Sky Arts.

The broadcast company are set to film 12 events in high-definition over the summer including Download, Hard Rock Calling, Latitude and Lovebox.

Channel bosses have only decided to use 3-D technology at the Isle Of Wight Festival and Bestival though.

“The festivals we have chosen to partner attract some of the biggest and most exciting acts.  We are particularly excited about Bestival and the Isle of Wight festivals, where we’ll break new ground by bringing them to the life through 3D,” said John Cassy, Channel Director of Sky Arts and Sky 3D. “Broadcasting live in 3D is an amazing opportunity to bring viewers closer than ever to the real festival experience.”

Here’s where Sky Arts will be filming:
Isle of Wight (3D & HD)
Download (HD)
Hard Rock Calling (HD)
Lovebox (HD)
High Voltage(HD)
Cambridge Folk Festival (HD)
Camp Bestival (HD)
Sonisphere (HD)
Cropredy (HD)
Rewind (HD)
Bestival (3D & HD)