Shangri-La prepares to flee from Glastonbury 2011

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2007 by Lisa Rocket
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2007 by Lisa Rocket

Glastonbury's 'after-hours pleasure city' is open for business once again but readying to leave before the end of the world.

Shangri-La will return to Glastonbury Festival 2011 with a continuation of their futuristic and dystopian wonderland.

The storyline will evolve from 2010 where a corrupt dictatorship was overthrown to 2011 where residents are readying themselves to flee before 'the end of the world' in 2012.

In typically coded fashion organisers have speculated on decontamination facilities, bio-hazard suits and granting participants access to a new 'Skywalk'.

Hard, available facts we can confirm is that there will be an increase in video mapping technology in the hub which will feature 4 x 35k HD projectors.

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2011 have sold out but a small amount will be available in a resale scheduled for April.

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