Severed Island (De)Party: festival sculpture floats off

A giant inflatable island has gone missing after the sculpture's tether ropes were cut by vandals at Secret Garden Party 2011 last weekend.

The giant helium-inflated floating artwork, ‘Is Land’, made specially for the festival by Royal College Of Art graduates Sarah Cockings and Lawrence Symonds, was suspended above a lake.

Two people are alleged to have rowed out to the structure using a dingy and cut the ropes holding it in place during the early hours of Sunday morning, causing the island to float away.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority and local airports were alerted that the nine-metre installation had drifted off, but there have been no sightings of it.

It’s feared ‘Is Land’ may have floated out of the UK mainland, and the artists have now set up Facebook and Twitter pages to try and relocate it in time to take it to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert as planned, or re-make the piece using public donations.

You can donate to help re-make the ‘Is Land’ sculpture here.

The Facebook page also has a phone number to call with any information.