Secret Garden Party date change

The Secret Garden Party, which isn't really that secret anymore, will be held almost a month earlier than normal this year - with the festival also extending to four days...

Perhaps due to last year’s madcap mudbath, organisers have decided to shift the family-run festival back from the end of August to the end of July in search of fairer climes.

The Secret Garden Party 2007 will be held from Thursday 26 July until Sunday 29 July at a secret location somewhere in Cambridgeshire.

The boutique festival won ‘Best Small Festival’ in the 2005 UK Festival Awards, however The Automatic have since described it as “full of people who reckon they’re alternative but actually they’re just middle class twats.”    

Best go and make your own mind up then. The first lineup announcements are expected at the beginning of April. Expect all night dancing, DJs in tree houses, silly south-west-four-sw4-2009 involving hills and perhaps a smattering of middle class twats.