Secret Garden Party crowned by exploding tower

The crowning moment of this year's Secret Garden Party was the exploding Tower Of Babel, which was blown up on the Saturday night.

The Tower, which had DJs performing over the weekend including Prince Partridge for Virtual Festivals’ 10th birthday party, went up in a host of flames as fireworks, floating lanterns and fire jugglers proved an irresistible spectacle for the thousands watching from the hills.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
headlined the main stage while the Tower exploded showing off some intricate guitar wizardry playing acoustic versions of Metallica’s ‘Orion’ and Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

A night earlier Jarvis Cocker closed the main stage, which was made to look like a snakes mouth with teeth, a tongue and fangs, mixing tracks from both of his solo albums. ‘Angela’ was the crowd-pleaser though as an energetic Cocker threw somebody’s lost glasses back into the crowd before some of the audience started a stage invasion.

Zero 7 drew a massive crowd on the Sunday in the Where The Wild Things Are tent with a crowd that far eclipsed Geno Washington’s audience on the main stage. But it was Washington’s funk and showmanship that provided the most entertainment as he bantered with guest singer Delroy Williams saying he was “so tight, that when he walks his butt squeaks,” before adding, “my first wife went off with his bastard.” The pair dueted on soul classic ‘Knock On Wood’.

Elsewhere the mud wrestling in the Coll “Silly” Um proved popular as did the large paint fight at the front of the stage on Sunday night, with the participation and community aspect proving just as popular as any of the music.

Foreign Beggars, The Resonators, Golden Silvers and Little Comets were also among the names that performed over the weekend.

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