Scroobius Pip take manifesto to Liverpool

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip at Bestival 2008 by Sara Bowrey
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip at Bestival 2008 by Sara Bowrey

Dan Le Sac v. Scroobius Pip took their politically charged, unique brand of hip hop to the O2 Academy last night (Wednesday) as part of Liverpool Music Week 2010.

The set was one of the highlights of the winter festival in a performance that was witty, adept and extremely entertaining.

Scroobius Pip
started the set in an on-stage armchair whilst Dan Le Sac manned the decks. From the opening ‘Sick Tonight’ through the crowd favourites ‘Get Better’ and ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’, the energy levels never dropped.

The bearded-one also unleashed the full force of his comedy genius. Announcing to the audience, “We’ve been taking staging tips from Lady Gaga. We’re thinking of introducing random costume changes next.”  Upon which he removed his hat and put on his glasses. He also gently mocked local legend Macca, dryly stating that, “Paul McCartney looks like my Nan… and my Nan’s dead”. The local-heavy crowd took it all in good humour.  

He also gave a shout out to Liverpool Music Week, but stated what everyone was clearly thinking: “It goes on from October till the end of November… that’s a fucking long week!”

In between songs his banter with the audience often went on for so long that Dan had to use employ the use of sound effects to let him know it was time to get back to the set.

The mixture of musical magic and comedy had been started earlier the evening with Misty’s Big Adventure. The band featured a line up of so many people it was difficult to see how they all fitted on the small stage.

Songs such as ‘Serious’ and ‘Feelings’ had a folky, jazz quality. Whilst the onstage dancer wore a bright orange jump suit which was decorate with loads of stuffed white gloves.

As their set was winding down, the lead singer told the room he was, “about to demonstrate how to lose an entire audience in one fell swoop. We’ve written an emo song”. Entitled ‘I Want A Biscuit (And Can’t Have One)’ it was a great moment in a highly original performance.

Over on the other side of town, the free gigs continued with the likes of Ticks, Vasco de Gama and Egyptian Hip Hop taking their turn to entertain the masses.

A final break in the dull northern weather meant turns out were once again great at both the ticketed and free events.

Those looking for a good way to spend a Thursday evening should head over to Mojo tonight to check out Chapel Club, who are on of VF’s one to watch bands.