Rolo Tomassi rock Reading

A huge wall of death and screams blow away any Friday hangovers.

Sheffield mathrockers Rolo Tomassi kicked off the NME stage at Reading in energetic style this morning.  "Sing a long if you know the words," was the instruction from frontwoman Eve Spence before they launched into a frantic performance of 'Party Wounds'.

The highlight of the set which included 'Cosmopolgy' was when the masses assembled took to the sides of the tent before launching into the biggest pit of the NME tent so far.  "Yesterday we had a wall of death from pillar to pillar, you will beat that. We're not playing anything until it is!" The audience obliged and band didn't stay muted for long.

Reading Festival 2010 continues with sets from Dizzee Rascal, Pendulum, The Libertines and more.