Queens of the Stoneage storm off-stage at Big Day Out 2003!

Big Day Out 2003 kicked off in Auckland, New Zealand today (January 17) and save for a bunch of brilliant live performances, it passed without event... until Queens of the Stoneage arrived!

[r-zone1]No sooner had the Californian rockers begun their set at 6pm, than it started to go wrong. For one thing, the volume was significantly higher than it had been for the previous bands, and the PA simply couldn’t cope. Despite a valiant effort by the band to get through the set, the sound just kept cutting out and it proved impossible to complete the performance. They had no choice but to leave the stage 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and were clearly annoyed.

Big Day Out organisers took total responsibility for the debacle and insisted that the band were in no way at fault. Graciously, the band agreed to play a second set on a smaller stage, later in the evening.

[l-zone2]On the upside, the day had featured excellent performances by Kraftwerk (their first ever in New Zealand), PJ Harvey (returning to her grittier roots), Underworld, D4, The Datsuns, Janes Addiction and main stage headliners Foo Fighters.

If you were at Big Day Out Auckland, or are planning to go to any of the Australian shows, please send us any news, reviews and photos, and if they’re good, they will be published! editor@virtualfestivals.com