Pulp remember their first time at Glastonbury 2011

Pulp at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Peter Corkhill
Pulp at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Peter Corkhill

Pulp jumped in with 'Remember The First Time' as Jarvis appeared to huge cheers joking: "Surprise surprise, well you didn't think we were going to let you down?" during their secret Glastonbury 2011 show.

The singer joked as he fronted the four-piece to a reunion show, “How much of a surprise was it? That big? Any Killers fans here?”

Speculation had grown throughout the weekend to who the special guest would be, but Jarvis ended confusion with ‘Saturday Night’ asking who had seen Pulp at Glastonbury before.

Referencing the drug policing policy at Glastonbury 2011 the band threw a frisbee to the crowd and as the masses went wild they dropped ‘Disco 2000’.

Jarvis dropped mention to their 1995 set and played ‘Sorted For E and Whizz’ in homage to their only Glastonbury headlining show where it was debuted.

Introducing ‘Babies’ the band then went into ‘Mis-shapes’ and ‘This Is Hardcore’.

The slim and suited frontman said: “This song is very closely associated with Glastonbury so we’re going to play it,” as the launched into ‘Common People.’

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