Pukkelpop adds local acts to comprehensive line-up

Crowds at Isle Of Wight Festival 2007 by Marc Broussely
Crowds at Isle Of Wight Festival 2007 by Marc Broussely

Belgian festival Pukkelpop, held from 18-20 August at Kempische Steenweg, has added a host of new acts to the comprehensive line-up.

Thursday (18 August) will see performances from Amatorski and The Bony King of Nowhere, plus dubstep beats from Kastor and Dice and performances from Rones, Teddiedrum and Willow

They’ll be joined by Benny Zen and the Syphilis Madmen and Puggy, while Friday (19 August) will welcome Steak Number Eight and Diablo Blvd. 

Indie collective Yuko, Flatcat, Black Cassette and JFJ will also perform on Friday, where they’ll be joined by reunited Reiziger, DJ Raving George, Mumbai Science and pioneers of home-made instruments Hoquets.

Gorki, Wallace Vanborn and SX are set to bring the festival to a close on Saturday (20 August), with Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat and The Rott Childs set to join them.

Drums Are For Parades will also perform on Saturday, accompanied by horn section Shamans of the Deaf Country.

The new acts join Foo Fighters, Eminem and more on the line-up for the three-day festival.

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Saturday only tickets are still on sale at €79 but all other ticket options have sold out. 

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