‘Presale Touts’ Target T In The Park

Tickets for next year's T In The Park festival were being exchanged for up to £500 a piece on eBay yesterday - BEFORE they'd even gone on sale. Festival boss Geoff Ellis says he has had enough...

The 30,000 early-bird tickets for the Scottish festival, that were put on sale yesterday, sold out in just 70 minutes.

But in a new twist on battling touts, several unscrupulous profiteerers had already posted weekend tickets on eBay for more than five times the face value.

T In The Park bosses have immediately hit back, warning that new security measures will prevent holders of touted tickets getting into next year's event.

Festival chief Geoff Ellis said: "It is really frustrating. Within minutes of us selling our initial allocation, more than 100 tickets were being posted on eBay.

"The auction site say they are a legitimate marketplace for people who can't go to concerts. But people who buy tickets 360 days ahead and apparently can't go within 10 minutes of buying them make a mockery of that.

"Hopefully, this is the evidence the Government need to put a stop to touting on eBay. I feel sorry for genuine fans. I'm going to speak to my lawyer to see if we can take action against touts using our logo without permission.

"Many are misleading people by saying the festival is sold out but more tickets will be available in February so it is pointless buying them at inflated prices."

Ticketmaster now plan to check yesterday's sales for multiple purchases, which will be cancelled.

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