PJ Harvey to preview new album at Glastonbury 2003

PJ Harvey has said she is close to completing her sixth studio album and intends to showcase it at Glastonbury this year. She is planning to release the album later this year, ahead of a UK tour.

She is already playing some new songs on the Big Day Out 2003 touring festival in Australia and New Zealand. Harvey told BBC Radio 1: “The new LP is “ugly and disturbing” compared to her last two, 1998’s ‘Is This Desire?’ and 2000’s Mercury Music Prize winner ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’.

She said: “With every album I tend to react against the previous one in an effort to find new ground. With this record, it’s pretty ugly really. Quite an ugly sounding batch of songs. Quite disturbing, quite dark, quite bluesy. At the moment it’s feeling good. I just go by how my guts feel.”

According to the NME, PJ Harvey is also collaborating with Queens Of The Stone Age for the ninth ‘Desert Sessions’ album along with former Marilyn Manson bass player Twiggy Ramirez.