Pendulum make Global Gathering 2011 swing

Bouncing onto the main stage in a flurry of sound, Pendulum hit Global Gathering 2011 with the whole shebang: lights, camera and action.

The enormous stage took a full set of Pendulum-styled theatricals, including CCTV cameras and street lamps, along with a full bank of screens that the band stood on as well as huge animated backdrops.

They grabbed the crowd of the night award too with thousands of sweaty bodies pressed up together to see them perform the likes of ‘Tarantula’ and ‘Planet Orion’.

Frontman, Ben Mount, zipped around stage like a man possessed, jumping from level to level with a reckless regard for his own safety.

Girls against the barrier were screaming along to ‘The Island’, and when red L.E.D. writing proclaimed that their music was not recommended for those with heart conditions, the crowd went berserk for anthem ‘Blood Sugar’.

In the face of a grey Friday, Pendulum lit up the night with lasers, fireworks and smoke for fans at Global Gathering 2011.