Parachutes are OUT, animal entrails are IN at the festivals!

Whilst extreme sports rockers 'A' have been forbidden to parachute into the Reading Festival this year, as they had desired, American freaks Slipknot have unveiled their intentions to cover the audience in animal entrails!

[r-zone1]Slipknot have a history of using the internal organs of dead animals in their live shows and personal lives. ‘Clown’ (real name Shawn Crahan) in particular regularly sniffs his jars of dead crows and has been photographed more than once with a dead pig. He explained his interest: “I like dead cattle. I like anything that is not following the cog. My fascination and my obsession with dead cattle is just a simple movement to show people that if they are not careful they are this.”

The band have, allegedly, ordered supplies of the offal for their upcoming UK festival appearances at the Carling Weekend Leeds (23rd August), Reading (25th) and Glasgow’s Gig on the Green (24th).

The gory move has been supported by Animal Rights Campaigners on the grounds that that the animal remains would remind people where meat comes from.

Despite all this, we hadn’t forgotten that Slipknot refused to eat British meat on last year’s tour because of the foot and mouth epidemic! Wussies.