OTT Kicks off the next evolution of Glade Festival 2011

The newly revamped dance festival is back following cancellation in 2010, with major changes to the site, size and feel.

The once chaotic festival has a distinctly smaller, relaxed and pleasant vibe making OTT the perfect opening act.

We’re back baby!” an excitable roadie cried from the ornate Origin stage, before making way for OTT‘s chilled dub set.

With the warming sun making its first appearance after uncertain weather, the grateful crowd breathed a sigh of relief. What is for many the electronic music event of the year, is back and here to stay.

Opening sets spread across five stages kicked off throughout the early afternoon getting Glade Festival 2011 fully underway.

Ajja will headline the Origin Stage later tonight while Trentmellor plays a headlining set on the Glade Stage.