Original GNR to reunite for 2012 shows?

According to insiders, talks are underway to reunite the original Guns N' Roses line-up to play next year's Super Bowl in the US. Could festivals be on the horizon too?

Kentsterling.com, a well-renowned sports blog based in Indianapolis (where the Super Bowl will take place, as well as being the hometown of both Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin from the band) claims that representatives from NFL (who organise the Bowl) confirmed that the negotiations were underway, as part of plans to "make a splash" following underwhelming live performances in recent years (including Black Eyed Peas' recent appearance at the half time show).

The halftime show of the Super Bowl gained a reputation for increasingly spectacular shows around the turn of the decade until 2004 when Justin Timberlake unsheathed Janet Jackson's right teat and producers became more cautious.

The website concludes: "Talks are still in the very early stages, and it may turn into nothing, but it’s good to know that at least someone is thinking clearly at the NFL."

This all naturally raises further speculation as to whether this event would be the precursor to a bigger plan, involving a world tour and festival headline slots. Axl Rose and Slash have both independently confirmed that they have been offered "hundreds of millions" by promoters to reunite for such shows previously.

Fans wanting a reformation with the original members were given fresh hopes that Rose was thawing in his resolution to never entertain the idea last October, when he was joined on-stage at London's O2 by founding bassist Duff McKagan – the first time the pair have been together in public since the old band disintegrated.

Then, last week, Slash announced that he remained keen to discuss the idea, but on the condition that Axl made the first contact.

The guitarist said, "That would be a call I would be surprised to get. If that really happened, I would have to clean out my junk drawer, too, but I don't see it happening. But, if it did happen, I would do whatever it takes to at least have a conversation about it."

Aside from the fact that The Super Bowl relies on split-second timing from performers in terms of starting and finishing, not to mention no bad language and goes out to a family audience, Guns N' Roses in any incarnation would seem a ludicrous, and utterly unlikely booking choice.

As usual, we'll let Axl Rose pour the last bucket of cold water over this latest edition of the rumours that just won't go away, via a post to his official Twitter last week:

"Contrary to anyone's claims there are no concrete plans nor were there ever for a tour, a relaunch or sponsors (n' certainly not to replace anyone in the band) beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals w/out any real foundation or negotiations in place."