Orange Offloads Last 1000 Reading Tickets

Tickets have been sold out for ages, but get to your Orange mobile quick smart and you nab one of the 1000 tickets that have just been made available to buy through their WAP services.

Just when you’d thought you couldn’t buy a ticket… Orange goes and announces it’s stashed 1000 Weekend tickets for the Reading site, available to buy via the Orange WAP ticketline service from today (sold on a first come first-served basis). Log onto the Orange WAP service from an Orange handset and go to ‘Today’s Highlights’ and follow instructions to purchase your ticket to the summer’s best festival.

And if you’re an Orange customer you’ll be able to receive free text updates throughout the festival weekend. Simply text either “Reading Fest” or “Leeds Fest” to 247, and you’ll receive up to the minute news, backstage gossip and alerts before your favourite artists take to the stage ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

Plus, the chances are that whilst your mates’ phones cut out if they work at all, anyone using a mobile on the Orange network will benefit from crisp reception. We swear by their strong signal which means that Orange phones are pretty much guaranteed to work no matter far away from civilisation you are.