Ones To Watch, Brother, offer New Year’s Eve tips

Brother by Jack Margerison
Brother by Jack Margerison

Brother's frontman Lee Newell has been offering Virtual Festivals his tips for having a good New Year's Eve.

The frontman of the emerging band, who are on our Ones To Watch list for 2011, also spoke about his resolutions for next year.

“If anyone offers you anything say yes,”
said Newell as part of an interview we’re set to publish in January. “Don’t sleep,” he added, “have a fucking good time.”

This year the group are playing a show in East London and Newell and Co. already have something special planned.

“On New Year’s Eve we’re playing the Vibe Bar in London,”
he told us, “and we’ve just confirmed right now that we’re doing a few songs with a string quartet, which is actually Sting’s string quartet. So that is going to be pretty ridiculous so I can’t wait to do that.”

The singer also shared his New Year’s Eve resolutions with us. “Smoke more, drink more,” he suggested, “and try as hard as I can never to listen to the Courteeners.”

Check back in January to read our full interview with Brother.