On Fire: Queen members speak

Queen have restored our faith in humanity by FINALLY releasing their legendary Milton Keynes Bowl concert (from 1982), which far eclipses their better known Wembley performance. But what do they think about it? Click here to find out...

For those planning to see Oasis, R.E.M. or U2 at one of their outdoor jaunts this summer, then we would definitely recommend that you check out Queen‘s latest release, to see how a big outdoor gig should really be done. Thinly veiled as a Xmas cash-in, this new DVD actually sees one of the greatest live performances ever captured on film (with hair-raising sound). Forget Wembley with it’s grandiose posturing and that yellow jacket – by comparison, a tired, inflated performance. This is the real live Queen. In 1982, quite simply, on fire.

Unfortunately Freddie Mercury was unavailable for comment (“trimming his moustache”, according to his PR), but drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May graciously indulged us…

Roger Taylor said: “We hadn’t seen the footage for years, but when we looked at it we couldn’t believe how good it was, we were on fire. We just stormed through that concert. I’d forgotten just how tight the band was by then”.

Brian May added: “This is the first time the Milton Keynes night has been shown in its entirety, and I have to say we all get a kick out of it – all the more amazing because we came off stage that night thinking we hadn’t done ourselves justice! I’m proud to say it rocks! I think people will be surprised, as I was, to see how different the show is from the well known Wembley ’86 performance. A large percentage of the songs are different. It kicks off with us blasting off with ‘Flash’ and gets very hot! The set holds up well, Freddie’s ad libs are something to behold. I’d also forgotten how much freedom we had then to stretch and enjoy ourselves on the spur of the moment”

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