Official Glastonbury festival meet-up announcement!

Virtual Festivals would like to invite you to the Official meet-up of the online festival community at the Glastonbury Festival on Thursday 26th June at 8.30pm

[R-Zone1]Virtual Festivals and Glastonbury Festivals would like to invite you all to the Official real-world meet-up of the online festival community. This is scheduled to be at the MIXING DESK of the ONEWORLD (formerly-JAZZWORLD) STAGE at Glastonbury Festival on Thursday 26th June (the day before the festie starts, but a day or so after a lot of us will have set up camp). The time – 8.30pm!

Virtual Festiavals is the Glastonbury Festival‘s Official Online Community Partner, and manages and moderates the Official Message Boards. So of course all of the Virtual Festivals team, along with other Glastonbury website people and members of Glastonbury Festivals Ltd will be there to meet you all and accept your offers of drinks 🙂 …or just the pleasure of making your aquaintence.

[l-zone2]It would be great if you all of you who are lucky enough going to the festival could get down there and meet us. We will make ourselves obvious – look out for VF t-shirts (or umbrellas if the promised water fight breaks out). It will be a great opportunity for old timers to meet up and remember old times – and if you are new to Glastonbury we’ll make sure that you have a great time.

Oh – and if you can’t be at this meeting then come along to the Cider Bus at noon any day to catch up on news and gossip with some of the team.

See you there…

The VF Crew.