Oasis: We’ve never conquered Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher has admitted that the band have never managed to conquer Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (17 October) the Oasis guitarist told journalists that the band 'never really pulled it off'.

"We said the last time we've done Glastonbury, we've never really pulled it off I don't think," Gallagher said, "We always blow the big gigs, we always somehow manage to 'George Best' it.”

The band then went on to announce a series of eight arena shows across the UK and Ireland. Click HERE to see the dates and venues.

"I wouldn't bother [going to Glastonbury]. This is where it's gonna be at next summer, I'd have thought," Gallagher said, "These gigs are easily going to be the biggest gigs of next year if not the decade.

"I wouldn't go to Glastonbury, would you?" Gallagher joked, "Why, is R Kelly playing?"

Yesterday Virtual Festivals exclusively revealed Oasis' festival plans for the summer, which includes the Isle Of Wight Festival, Rock Werchter, Roskilde and Eurokeennees De Belfort.

Of course, nothing can be certain until officially confirmed by festival organisers. Keep posted to Virtual Festivals  for more festival exclusives first.