Oasis may need to ‘stretch it out’ at Glastonbury.

Noel Gallagher has promised a greatest hits set when the band headline the Pyramid Stage on the opening night - their first Glastonbury appearance in almost 10 years.

However, the Oasis guitarist also hinted that fans can look forward to some new tracks from their next album – but only because the band may need to beef out the length of their set.

Noel told the BBC: “The last time we played Liam managed to talk me into doing six or seven songs from ‘Morning Glory’, which we had just finished the night before, and it sort of fell a bit flat.”

“We won’t be doing too many new songs this time round so it should be alright.”

“Actually, we weren’t going to do any, but we started rehearsing, and we timed the set and it come up short.”

“We were doing all the ones we wanted to do and then the tour manager said ‘Well, that was about an hour’, and so we said ‘ Well how long do we have to play for?’ and he said it was about an hour and a half.”

“So, if people are there and I look like I’m rambling between songs – that’s just to stretch it out.”

The Glastonbury Festival takes place between 25-27 June at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

Oasis play the Pyramid Stage from 22.50pm, following sets from Groove Armada, PJ Harvey, and Kings Of Leon.
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