Next to the speakers: songs defining the VF office

Here are the five tracks that we've been irritating the neighbours with this week in the Virtual Festivals' offices.

Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Still

Fresh from covering Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ (another VF favourite) for Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Monday, Bombay have now posted up a video for ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’s closing track. While unlikely to be the next single (I vote ‘Leave It’ for that honour), it’s well worth showcasing, with a cracked, stark beauty to it that a certain Mr. Yorke would be proud of. Jack Steadman says that he managed to make the band’s manager cry having sent it to him, so be prepared to have “something in your eye“.

R.E.M.‘We All Go Back To Where We Belong’

The final single from the greatest band ever (argue all you want, but who else has had a run of such high quality albums?), and it’s as dignified an exit as the split itself was. The sun-kissed tranquillity of ‘Reveal’ returns here, complete with Bacharach-style easy listening horns. One of the three new tracks on the forthcoming ‘Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011’ retrospective, maybe the barnstorming final kiss-off can be found in one of those two, but this sounds like the end credits rolling, with all parties leaving fulfilled. A happy ending.

R.E.M. – We All Go Back To Where We Belong by MMMusic

Hey Sholay‘Wishbone’

Sheffield/Leeds five-piece Hey Sholay played Exit and Tramlines this year, and now their new single ‘Wishbone’ has made it onto the Radio 1 playlist. It’s a stylish bit of indie-pop, and while the reassuring jangle is in there among the electro squeals, it’s got some drama and some stomp too. Like if you fed Los Campesinos! and Death Cab For Cutie too many E numbers and locked them all in a room together, they cram some laid back psychedelia in to battle the hyperactivity. If you’re sad that we’re about to lose Dananananaykroyd, here come your new best friends.

The Stone Roses‘I Wanna Be Adored’

The defining opener to their self-titled debut, this track as become almost as sacrosanct as the album itself and remains the cornerstone of the Roses’ disciple-army. Whether looking for adoration or an easy pay-cheque the fantastic four are back, once again fighting the intergalatic evil.. no sorry playing three sold out shows at Manchester‘s Heaton Park next June.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games 

She’s living proof the hype machine is stil alive and well, and fuelling the next generation of stars destined to glow bright in the summer of 2012. After a handful of Youtube clips grabbed millions of people’s attention Lana is now selling out UK tour dates in seconds and even made the top ten with this, her first effort, Video Games

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