New ‘Strummerville Stage’ for Glasto

A new stage at Glastonbury, seeking to emulate the spirit of the late Joe Strummer, will invite festival goers to get up and play - and you don't even have to bring your own instrument!

Fancy being able to say you've played at Glastonbury? Well now's your chance. This year, the music charity Strummerville will be presenting the 'Strummerville Bandstand', an open stage fully kitted out with instruments and backing musicians for anyone and everyone who wants to play.

A spokesman said: “There'll be no talent contests or cherry picking. If you're passionate about making music just come and pick up an instrument and play to a crowd. Expect everything from Beat box and Burlesque to Funk and Folk – plus a few very special guest slots from friends of Strummerville!”

Strummerville is a registered charity that aims to create new opportunities for aspiring musicians. Returning once again to the fields of Lost Vagueness with their legendary campfire, this year’s festival will also see Strummerville playing host to the 1950s Rock and Roll Tea Ladies at The Viva Cake Café.

Their spokesman added: “At Strummerville, we strive to find new ways of offering resources and opportunities to disadvantaged musicians. The Strummerville Bandstand is an extension of this. We’re giving undiscovered acts the chance to showcase their music at the world’s greatest festival and they may even find themselves warming up for a band that’s come straight off the main stage.”

As well as unsigned and open mic acts, they’ll be a number of guest slots and secret gigs from friends of Strummerville.