New Stages As Glastonbury Grows

EXCLUSIVE: Glastonbury Festival will feature three brand new stages this year if plans to expand the capacity are given the go ahead. Organisers are hoping to extend the site by 100 acres to help accommodate an extra 25,000 people...

The expansion is planned for the west of the site, the area facing out diagonally to the right from the Other Stage.

However, it all depends on the council granting Glastonbury Festival its application to increase its overall capacity by a sixth.

Organisers hope to sell 137,000 tickets, up from the traditional 112,000, as well as issuing 40,000 non-paying passes to staff, performers, guests and press.

If given the thumbs up, festival boss Michael Eavis will use 100 acres of his next door neighbour’s land, known as Park Farm, which is what the new area will be named. 

The expanse will include three new stages; a permanent Silent Disco, an Outdoor Acoustic Stage and a second New Bands Tent, which is to be programmed by Emily Eavis.

Michael Eavis told VF: “There’s going to be more of everything really. Probably the biggest change will be the expansion on the western side. It will be a whole new part of the festival, which we’re going to call Park Farm.

“The Silent Disco will be staged there and we’re going to have a second acoustic stage, which will be only partially under canvas, so it should be nice to sit outside of if it’s sunny – which I’ve been assured it will be this year!

“And there will be a big tent, a bit like a second John Peel Stage, which will have loads more pop music. Emily is looking after that one so it’s quite a big thing for her. There will be lots of younger acts, I’m sure.”

Games Area is also being planned in place of the Tee Pee Field, where festival-goers will be invited to take part in a range of organised, participatory games. The Tee Pee Field is being moved out to the fringe of the festival to make way for the new hands-on attraction.

Eavis said: “The emphasis this year is to stop gawping and to get involved!

“You’ll be able to get stuck into a range of games, lots of holding hands, that kind of stuff. It’s quite an old fashioned kind of thing but it should be great fun and a good way to make some new friends. We’ve got an excellent team organising it all.”

Glastonbury Festival’s founder told us that he’s confident the council will agree to the capacity increase, following the involvement of Mean Fiddler in the event’s management.

A condition of the extra allocation is that all 25,000 tickets will be sold as part of a coach travel package, which should minimise disruption on the roads around the area. 

Eavis said: “I think the council now have a lot more faith in us and are happier with the situation. It got a bit hairy after the 2000 event when the festival became very overcrowded, but since then relations have been improving, especially since we introduced the fence and brought in Mean Fiddler.”

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