New Stage For Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival has announced details of a new, unsigned bands arena. The Topman Stage will feature a lineup of exciting bands all hailing from the north of England...

Unsigned acts including Dirtblonde, Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire, Little Ze and Letters And Colours will all feature after winning local talent contests.

Better known acts like Polytechnic, Stoney, The Somatics and The Scaramanga Six will also perform.

Fans will also be able to enjoy entertainment later into the night, with this year's Leeds Festival being granted a license until 3am.

Mini soundsystems, BMX displays and other forms of entertainment will be on offer after hours, in an attempt to stop the rioting that has hampered the festival in recent years.             
Organiser Melvin Benn told the NME: "The Fans' Forums seemed to suggest that people got up to mischief because everything stopped at eleven o'clock at night. I'm hoping that the later entertainment will (stop the rioting). I'm also hoping this Love Not Riots campaign will help as well. It's only a hundred people out of tens of thousands, the rest of the festival has such an amazing atmosphere."

Leeds Festival takes place at Bramham Park, Leeds, from 25-27 August. Click here for more.